Editor: By this time — in what has seemed an interminable presidential election campaign — we have been exposed to the ideas, the experience and temperaments of the lead presidential candidates enough to know who they are and what they might be like in the Oval Office.

Recognizing that nobody’s perfect, there are some of us — across party lines, professions, economic groups, age groups, ethnic and racial groups — who believe that Donald Trump’s imperfections are too serious to ignore. His inexperience in the public sector, his intemperate and insulting outbursts, his simplistic solutions to complex problems and his naïve and dangerous belief that he can “fix” America all by himself, cross a boundary.

I don’t pretend to speak for or to Trump’s staunch supporters. But I do ask — even beg — those who fear a Trump presidency to vote for Hillary Clinton. Perfection is not the standard — we’re human. She understands what the job is, has been in the public sphere for most of her adult life and has a strong desire — as well as considerable skills — to do the right thing for America. Clinton knows the law and as important as anything else, knows that she cannot do the job all by herself. She understands that “we the people” are not just the silent, obedient masses but rather the agents of change who lead our country into the next chapter of its life. In his inaugural speech in January 1961, President Kennedy reminded us of our sacred responsibility for the public good with these memorable words: “…my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

We don’t have the luxury of considering third-party candidates at this time, even if we admire them. The stakes are too high and we know enough about Trump to know that he is entirely unsuited for the job.



Unsuitable candidate