Editor: It is just possible that we are not two nations posing as one and that the evidence of that is neither too little nor too late. There are many among us across party lines who were devastated by the presidential election results and concerned about the inexperience, naïveté and lack of respect for the office that mark the Trump administration.

The public good — which is what our democracy is all about — is not in the vocabulary or the mindset of President Trump. On a personal level, he is narcissistic — incapable of seeing beyond himself. He’s still trying to make us believe that the election was rigged. Some of us agree with him that it was rigged — but in his favor — and possibly with the help of a foreign power. On the public side, he cannot see beyond “the art of the deal.” Stealing oil from a country we invade, referring to the media as the enemy of the people and to immigrants as our greatest security risk, are a few of his dangerous ideas.

We the people have awakened and are speaking up — from the marches beginning the day after the election to the town hall meetings during the congressional break — and we won’t stop.

People of all political persuasions are desperate to know if they will have health care, if they will be able to travel, if they can again rest assured that their Congress and their president have their best interests at heart.

We citizens have never before been so fearful of losing our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And we are doing what active and engaged citizens do: Speaking truth to power.

It may be that in an ironic, unintended way, Trump is making America great again. He has reminded us that it is up to us to fix what is broken.


Scranton Times-Tribune

Unstoppable Force