UDAY2015 Group ShotThe Schemel Forum at the University of Scranton held its annual University for a Day on September 26, 2015. Four lectures were given that were loosely tied to the topic, America and the World. The first, given by U of S history professor David Dzurec,  gave the participants a glimpse of 17th century New Amsterdam, founded by Dutch immigrants –who brought with them the spirit of pluralism and entrepreneurship that define New York City til this day. The second lecture, by distinguished constitutional scholar, Akhil Amar, gave us a regional take on the Constitution–focusing on its different impact on different regions of the country.NYU professor Colette Mazzucelli focused on ways in which education can be globalized effectively thanks to the access that technology affords students in far-flung places. Finally the University of Scranton’s English professor Teresa Grettano spoke about rhetorical responses to tragedies, using the example of the Charlie Hebdo debacle in Paris in January 2015.

University for a Day