IN 2008 the handbook, The New Rwanda: Prosperity and the Public Good, conceived and edited by Sondra Myers, was published to provide the text for a National Conversation on Prosperity and the Public Good. The creation of the handbook was a result of a recommendation from a roundtable discussion endorsed by Hi s Excellency President Kagame that was held in April 2008 to address the question of what institutions of higher learning could do to strengthen civil society in Rwanda.

Since then the handbook and conversation have been introduced to educational institutions, NGOs and government agencies and there has been considerable interest in it. But the project reached a new plateau last month due to the joint actions of The New Times and Radio 10. The newspaper decided to serialize the handbook each Saturday starting on November 26 and in collaboration, Radio 10 launched a Sunday talk show, Rwanda Speaks, to be aired each week on the subject of the essay published on Saturday.

Some of Rwanda’s most distinguished leaders have been appearing on the show each Sunday from 2 to 3 PM to discuss the new Rwanda as they see it in the present and their goals for the future. Very soon the handbook and the conversation will be featured on the website

Media participation makes the dream of a national conversation a reality. Our aim is to have organizations and institutions as well as families, friends and businesses take the time to discuss the new Rwanda and its future. By doing so, people will not only observe the progress that Rwanda has made in the past 17 years, but recognize that they are its citizens—and therefore responsible for charting the course for and meeting the challenges of the future.
For a free copy of the handbook, individuals can contact now If you need a quantity of the books, they will be on sale at A_Z and IKIREZI bookstores, and shortly at CARITAS.
Sondra Myers

The National Conversation on Prosperity and the Public Good Leaps Ahead