Editor: Scranton had its days of glory as a player in our nation’s industrial revolution in the early 20th century. We have reason to be proud of that and to be proud again of our contributions in what some would consider our post-industrial period.

Our success in the 21st century requires the boldness and optimism that are needed to establish high expectations — to go for the gold. The Commonwealth Medical College is a glorious reminder that high expectations count as an essential component on the road to success.

Those who mused on the possibilities of establishing a medical school at weekly breakfast meetings over a period of several years deserve our praise and gratitude. They dreamed what seemed to be an impossible dream. Doubters tried to quell their enthusiasm but they were undaunted. We now have the product of their dreams and hard work — an institution that reflects their ingenuity, tenacity and optimism and stands as a symbol of excellence and hope for all.

TCMC is graduating its first class of medical students in May. But the record of its excellence is in evidence already. These doctors-to-be have passed the required national tests with above average scores and have received fine residency assignments — mostly their first choices. The curriculum, the faculty, the students and yes, the school’s mission — are validated. TCMC is preparing doctors for the future, many of whom will serve in our region.

TCMC is proof that high expectations, along with wise decision-making and a yes-we-can spirit, are essential.  In terms of development — economic, community, social and psychological — TCMC has been as important a venture as any I have ever seen in this region. It gives us the right and the incentive to dream some more.

Times-Tribune, Publication Date: March 21, 2013 

TCMC fulfilling high hopes