Throughout the years, I have been blessed with opportunities to convene or organize roundtable discussions on strengthening democracy and the culture of interdependence in Washington, D.C., Berlin, Paris, Prague, Kigali, Rwanda and Nairobi, Kenya.

My work in Africa began in March of 2008, but has rapidly accelerated, becoming a focal point of my continued efforts. On my first visit to Nairobi, on behalf of the U.S. Embassy, I spoke to human rights groups, students and women’s leadership groups on democracy and the central role that citizens play in making democracy work. I also had the opportunity to conduct a roundtable discussion for the Capital Youth Caucus Association, a group that I have mentored for years. Also on this trip, and once more in the November of 2008, I visited Kigali to conduct a roundtable discussion on The Role of Universities in Strengthening Democracy and Civil Society, as well as roundtable among educators and civil society leaders to present my handbook The New Rwanda: Prosperity and the Public Good.

Most recently, I returned to Kenya and Rwanda in March of this year. In Kenya, hosted by the U.S. Embassy along with the Minister of Education, I promoted a more public discussion and several educational programs that will better prepare Kenyans for citizenship. I also began the first phases of launching a new democracy initiative with the Capital Youth Group.

While significant progress has been made through these few efforts, this is only the beginning. With your financial support, I will be able to continue my educational outreach efforts both here in the U.S. and around the world. Thank you for your support and commitment to creating a better world for everyone.

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