Editor: Residents of Northeast Pennsylvania and, in particular, of Scranton, had a new lease on life — we felt born again into a vibrant community that had a future — the dawn of a new age.
Are those hopes dashed? Was it a mirage?

We are led to think that by the abrupt departure of the dean who envisioned a medical school for the future and, in less than two years, created it. The vision wasn’t his alone. Senior physicians and others in the region saw the potential for such a haven of health and enlightenment, but Dr. Robert M. D’Alessandri made that dream a reality — our reality. We thank him for that invaluable gift — unlike and unsurpassed by any other projects that I recall in the community.

The Commonwealth Medical College has become, in short, a symbol of hope for the future. The culture of community is palpable within the student body as these bright young future doctors work hard — together — in their challenging assignments, believing that they can herald a new era of commitment to excellence in medicine. They are being schooled to be the best doctors they can be, offering the most advanced health care to all who need it.

Supporters of the medical college have been energized — given reason to believe that we would have not only the promise of better health care in the region — but a profound boost to our local culture, our economy and our pride. Nobody, we know, is irreplaceable — and the medical school must succeed. But we can only hope that it will retain the very special values that we saw and felt in its early years.
The Times-Tribune
April 12, 2011 


Stunning split