Editor: I don’t expect everyone to agree with me — disagreement and discussion are precious rights in our society.

That said, it’s hard to believe that John R. Kalafut (Your Opinion, Jan. 14) thinks that President Obama caused the dramatic economic downturn that he inherited from the prior administration and that the measures that he took to turn it around worsened conditions — while many from both parties claim that he saved us from a depression even more devastating than the one in 1929. And as far as big government is concerned, that was certainly part of his inheritance from the past administration and not an invention of his.

We all think for ourselves but, of course, our thinking is affected by the media that fill all kind of spaces in our society. And of course we favor those journalists and pundits with whom we agree and are illuminated by those who present more than one perspective on issues and events. I think it’s naïve to think that inflammatory language doesn’t incite violence. It may be neither its first cause nor its only cause, but it is a factor; it encourages those who are offended to attack those who offend them — sometimes verbally, sometimes physically, sometimes mortally.

President Obama’s call for more civility and thoughtfulness in the wake of Tucson is not politicizing a tragedy; it’s helping those involved — from the families of victims to all Americans — to recover from it.
He thinks we can all do better — and so do I.


January 21, 2011 

Striving for better
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