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Free to succeed

Editor: Sondra Myers states in her Dec. 19 letter: “Many of us abhor the continuation of tax relief to the very richest people in our nation and we are right to abhor it – it is unspeakably unfair if we truly believe in the promise of ‘liberty and justice for all.'”

Liberty to work our butts off to make as much as we can and justice to keep what we work our butts off to make. That’s what I learned in Scranton public schools long ago.


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Lack of progress by progressives

Editor: Sondra Myers doesn’t have a clue which principals our nation was founded on. In her Dec. 19 letter, she states “the bottom line of government is the greater good.” This is simply untrue.

The rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence are the unalienable ones: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing is mentioned in the declaration or in the Constitution about the “greater good” or any other progressive ideals. The purpose of our government as established is to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens, nothing more.

She ridiculously implies that letting citizens keep their own property is somehow “unspeakably unfair if we believe in the promise of liberty and justice for all.”

Liberty for whom? Over the past 80 years, progressives have enslaved generations of citizens by subsidizing their poverty and keeping them comfortable in it. They have also convinced millions that it is impossible to succeed in America without some wasteful federal program getting in the way.

What justice? If I take another person’s property, I am a thief – even if I give it to charity or claim it is for the greater good. Yet the state can take all they want under threat of jail. And the more I make the more they can take.

The founders abhorred the idea of the federal government taxing the people directly. They knew it would give Washington too much power and lead to the corruption we see today.

Progressives from both parties have been running things for the past century and you can see where it has gotten us. It is time for “we the people” to return to the principles our nation was founded upon.


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Pursue principles in Preamble

Editor: Edgar Gorke, in his recent diatribe against Sondra Myers, reveals that he is supremely and totally clueless as to the principles upon which our nation was founded.

If his letter was not laced with so many incoherent statements it would be laughable instead of a perfect example of right-wing demagoguery.

One of his statements is that there is no mention in the Declaration or the Constitution about the “greater good.” Of course the Founding Fathers did not use the exact words, “greater good.” Instead, in the Preamble they spoke to the principle of “to promote the general Welfare.” They also addressed the idea of “establishing Justice” in the very same introductory statement.

Another incoherency is his claim that the “state can take all they want under threat of jail.” It seems as if he is completely unaware of the Takings clause of the Fifth Amendment which allows the state to take private property for public use with just compensation.

A third is the historically illiterate claim that “Progressives from both parties have been running things for the past century…” Once again he seems to have forgotten the three eras of conservative ascendancy over the same 100 years. For example, the 1920s when, after a succession of three conservative Republican presidents and Republican dominated Congresses, the U.S. entered the era that became known as the Great Depression. The other two eras, Reagan/Bush and “Dubya,” saw a stratospheric increase in our national debt. Not to forget the “progressive” Bush’s war of choice in Iraq.

It would be a frightful nightmare should “we the people” ever return our country to Gorke’s misguided, un-American principles.

A better idea would be to return our nation, as Ms. Myers suggests, to the six basic principles as expressed in the Preamble


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Letter reveals cluelessness

Editor: In his Dec. 29 letter rebutting Sondra Myers as having no clue which principles our nation was founded on, Edgar Gorke then goes on to prove that it is actually he who hasn’t a clue of the ideals and principles that imbued our founding fathers and which underlie the founding of this nation.

He gets one thing right – he correctly attributes the phrase “common good” to the earlier Declaration of Independence, where the founders decry King George III, saying “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

But then Gorke obtusely states that “Progressives from both parties have been running things for the past century and you can see where it has gotten us.” As if . . . what? That progressives have somehow ruined this nation’s economy by keeping us in a state of perpetual war for over 10 years now, or by letting the financial industry run absolutely amok, unregulated, and in effect, imposing a kind of “economic dictatorship” upon the “greater good” by forcing the commonwealth to pay for its naked greed and pursuit of untrammeled profit?

Ultimately, Gorke fails to recognize that the founders’ most basic principles were in fact profoundly progressive (or “liberal”), in that they believed in the basic equality of every man, and disdained the elitist favor of conservative economic policies which, since Ronald Reagan’s administration, have relegated the phrase “common good” to that of a cruel and cynical joke.

Our founders would be outraged at the conservative psychobabble that has attempted to redefine corruption, avarice, and an utter lack of compassion as some kind of noble ideals where capitalism without morality is the best that we have to offer.

This, in fact, was the essence of Myers’ original letter. She got it completely correct.


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Response’s to Sondra’s 12/19/10 Letter to the Editor
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