Editor: Don’t we wish that we didn’t have to make pacts with “the devil?”  In a perfect world—that world that we will never know—the high road is the “stairway to Paradise.” But in the real world we have to deal with partners that are not friends and that we don’t trust when that is the best alternative. We are fortunate that we have that alternative –because otherwise it would be the path to escalating enmity and resorting to military “solutions.”

As a Jewish American I am passionately interested in the existence of a robust and democratic Israel—a haven for Jews who are unwelcome in other places and an example of democracy in a region of the world that knows little of democracy.  Though I disagree with Israel’s occupation of Gaza I am no less passionate in my belief in its right to exist and its capacity to become more democratic in time.

The pact is an avenue to possibility—opening the way to halting or at the least postponing  Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb, bringing Iran into the family of nations that so many of its citizens desire and bringing the world another step away from the brink of war.

Call it naïve: I call it consummately pragmatic. And politically speaking I’ll take my chances with the prudent and thoughtful Obama-Kerry diplomatic route over the fear-mongering belligerence of the opposition. We are war-weary and have lost too many lives and made too many enemies for America and for Israel in the ill-conceived interventions of the first decade of this century. I recognize that there are many differences of opinion by people of good will on the matter of the pact– but I believe that embracing the diplomatic route will be the best for us, for Israel and for the world.

Sondra Myers

Scranton Times-Tribune

Letters to the Editor 9/6/2015

Pragmatism Drives Iran Deal Support