As a good friend and enthusiastic supporter of Liz Randol, I was, of course, disappointed that she was not chosen as one of the Democratic candidates for the county commissioner’s position. But at the same time, as a citizen of this region, I was elated by the strong support—well deserved—that she received. My hope is that Liz will take it as a sign that she can be elected in the future. We need elected officials like her who are willing to use their intelligence and integrity to serve the people. We need her to move us forward into a more promising future.

We tend to demean the public sector—seeing it as more corrupt and less effective than other sectors, but—trust me—libertarians who proudly proclaim their contempt for government take for granted the wide range of freedoms they have, ignoring the fact that we are about as free as one gets in this world; and that government—of the people, by the people and for the people—is what got us into this enviable position. Millions, at this very moment, are risking their lives, crying out for the kind of liberties we enjoy in this democratic state. Those who eschew the luxuries of privacy, leisure and wealth to run for office deserve our praise and support.

Liz has the qualities that we need in our leaders—she is informed about the issues, passionate about justice and equity, and undaunted by the rigors and challenges of public jobs. And though she had considerably less name recognition and money than her competition, she got her message across. I applaud Liz for her courage in taking on a difficult battle and I applaud the citizens of this county who were inspired by her spirit and her voice. I am confident that, in whatever public role she chooses and is chosen to play in the future, she will, in the words of Spike Lee, “do the right thing” for us. Onward, Liz!

Post Election Cheers—To Liz and Lackawanna Voters