Editor: It might be that the Clinton campaign’s most eloquent and convincing surrogate said it in very simple terms. First lady Michelle Obama advised: “When they go low, we go high.”

There is no benefit to attacking Donald Trump on his terms. It would be demeaning as well as ineffective. He appears to be unable to clean up his act even though his “descent into the sewer” is self-destructive.

It is hard to imagine why conservative evangelicals and conventional Republicans are willing to vote for him even though they use some of the same adjectives that Clinton campaigners use to describe his behavior and his character. They must know by now that it isn’t only his vulgarity and contempt for women, people with disabilities and immigrants that make him unsuited to the presidency but his self-absorption and trigger-happy approach to problems large and small.

It’s been said before but is worth repeating that we do not want such a person making decisions about anything — but particularly about the use of nuclear arms. He says he likes war and nukes, too.

Nov. 8 is around the corner. We are still a great country. We don’t need him to make the country great again. We need a president who will bring us together to work toward the goals that we hold precious — liberty and justice for all. We will always be a work in progress — and Hillary Clinton can bring us along in helping us live up to our aspirations. She calls on all of us citizens to go higher and join her on this ongoing journey. It is a reasonable plea and the alternative is not.


SCRANTON Times-Tribune 10/23/2016

Plea for reason