We may have a right to be angry, but we also have a responsibility – to elect or re-elect people who have the wisdom and character to pull us out of the mess that we’re in. These are not happy times but it is our challenge as citizens to cope with them and resolve to correct some of the mistakes that caused the problems.

We need to vote, but not for candidates whose campaign philosophy is to buy the election – whatever it costs – or bring to office people who see government as an evil and taxing the rich as a nefarious plot.

Some who had the wisdom to vote for a man of Obama’s intelligence and integrity now lay all the blame on him – claim he’s not a leader but that he is a socialist, a radical, a Muslim, an elite. What he has brought to this nation is a strategy for getting us out of a multi-faceted mess that includes but is not limited to an economic disaster. The anger against the “elites” who have struggled to get fine educations and use their knowledge for the public good is simply misplaced.

To those who remain jobless and to those who recognize the tragic and dangerous ramifications of joblessness, think before you vote – but vote. Your vote should go not to those who are more concerned with eliminating taxes for the rich than with restoring employment possibilities and not for those who believe that health care reform is a socialist plot and not for those who have bizarre public policy notions and who fan the flames of intolerance, but to those whose commitment is to move us out of decline, restore jobs and get our public policy back on track with the values and ideals of our nation.

Misplaced Anger