Thank you to Edgar Gorke for his thoughtful Jan. 6 response to my Jan. 3 letter. He might be interested to know that I am neither an advocate of socialism nor an ideologue of any other political or economic philosophy. I do believe that the Founders believed in our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and in liberty and justice for all.

I do also believe that the brilliance of our Constitution and the reason for its endurance through the years is that it can be amended – often to the benefit of those, like me, who were not included in 1787.

Further, I believe passionately that dissent is important in a democracy. That said, I am alarmed at the lockstep negative proclamation of the Republicans against health care for all, and of the belief that progressive programs such as the GI Bill of Rights, Social Security and Medicare have been folded into our system not for the benefit of all citizens but rather because of a Democratic frivolous yearning for big government.

We have in the past 200 years become a much larger and more complex nation than the Founders had dreamed of – and our government has grown larger and more complex accordingly. I think that is only good, not bad.

Further, the commitment to the public good is as American as is individualism. The challenge is to keep both those noble impulses in balance.

Keep Noble Balanced
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