Editor: There is broad agreement that President Donald Trump’s inaugural speech was a dirge that described us as two steps from the grave — only to be saved by him.

Each day gets worse. Rather than building on the past history of our democracy the president is hell-bent on destroying it. The tweet replaces policy documents and white papers. The “wisdom” of the tweet then translates into immediate actions that anger our friends, insult the president’s appointees and elicit distrust and disdain around the world. Keeping most of his Republican colleagues in the dark, Trump seeks counsel from his most extreme right wing ideologues and in the name of security, makes our nation more vulnerable.

There is no good news coming from the White House and the response of the Congress is mixed and muted. But we the people are flexing our civic muscle. From the “day after” women’s marches to the outpouring of people to international airports to protest the heavy-handed Muslim ban, to open rejection of most of his ill-conceived executive orders and his firings of competent civil servants, we say no.

The executive branch needs to know that we are not merely stockholders or stakeholders. We are citizens — enjoying the rights and assuming the responsibilities that are our precious legacy. We are committed to the rule of law.

Mr. Trump’s executive orders are land mines — at times unconstitutional or illegal. I believe that the rule of law will prevail over the dangerous chaos that he has created.

Three of his obsessions speak volumes to his inappropriateness — dismantling the past, most particularly the Obama years; the numbers racket, including audience figures and the lie that millions of “illegals” voted for Hillary Clinton, and the use of what Trump colleague Kellyanne Conway dubbed “alternative facts,” better known as lies.

Where do they go from here and where do we go from here?


Scranton Times-Tribune

Good news absent