Editor: As the Republican convention continues and the air is thick with anxiety, shock and disorder, as Republicans are busy trying to clean up Donald Trump’s act and reshape him into a model candidate — they aren’t succeeding.

More than enough has been said about why he is not suitable for the presidency. But the most compelling reason has been underplayed. It is that he thinks he can go it alone — he doesn’t need anyone’s money, endorsements or advisers. In short, he is the poster-candidate for dictator.

Our democracy — with all its faults — is not about soloists. It’s about the people. It is about being accountable to the people who elect you and to a system that deliberately balances executive, legislative and judicial powers to save us from tyranny. It may be, as Winston Churchill said, that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Going it alone is possibly the most dangerous idea that Trump has put forward. It should scare off any citizen who wants to remain a citizen and not become a subject.

If bullying and racial, ethnic and sexist slurs don’t offend, don’t be duped by someone who doesn’t need his party, his advisers or us. We, in fact, have the right and responsibility to preserve our democracy by using the power that we have to preserve that power. We mustn’t cede it to one who chooses to go it alone. It might work or appear to work in business but it doesn’t work in a democratic value system that strives for liberty and justice for all.


Scranton Times-Tribune, July 19, 2016

Flaw of arrogance