Editor: I am not an expert on animals or zoos or animal sanctuaries, but I must comment on the state of affairs regarding the care of animals at the Nay Aug Park facility. I have been told by many residents and visitors to the area who enjoy the extraordinary amenities of Nay Aug Park that the zoo/sanctuary is in poor condition and the care of the animals is under par. It is hard to understand how this below-standard facility can be part of a larger facility that has very high standards.

It is especially disturbing as it is a place that keeps and cares for live animals; it is not just another run-down facility. The poor condition of care is a danger to the animals and to the human beings that visit the park. The presence of the facility in one of the region’s most admired venues is a public relations disaster.

As a proud resident of Northeast Pennsylvania, I implore the city to correct this glaring problem for the sake of the health and wellbeing of the animals, for the sake of the people who live in and visit the city, and for the reputation of our city.

Times-Tribune, March 3, 2009

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