The Interdependence Handbook:
Looking Back, Living the Present, Choosing the Future

The Interdependence Handbook is a collection of essays, speeches, historical documents, and discussion questions on interdependence, the guiding principle for civic life in the 21st Century.

Price: $24.95
Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: International Debate Education Association
(September 2004)
Language: English

WE THE PEOPLE of the world do herewith declare our interdependence as individuals and and members of distinct communities and nations. We do pledge ourselves citizens of one CivWorld, civic, civil and civilized. Without prejudice to the goods and interests of our national and regional identies, we recognize our responsibilities to the common goods and liberties of humankind as a whole.

We do therefore pledge to work both directly and through the nations and communities of which we are also citizens:

TO GUARANTEE justice and equality for all by establishing on a firm basis the human rights of every person, ensuring that the least among us may enjoy the same liberties as the prominent and the powerful;

TO FORGE a safe and sustainable global environment for all – which is the condition of human survival – at a cost to peoples based on their current share in the world’s wealth;

TO OFFER children, our common human feature, special attention and protection in distributing our common goods, above all those upon which health and education depend;

TO ESTABLISH democractic forms of global civil and legal governance through which our common rights can be secured and our common ends realized;

TO FOSTER democratic policies and institutions espressing and protecting our human commonality; and at the same time,

TO NURTURE free spaces in which our distinctive religious, ethnic and cultural identies may flourish and our equally worthy lives may be lived in dignity, protected from political, economic and cultural hegemony of every kin