Rwanda Title PageFocusing on the postgenocide
recovery in
Rwanda, this handbook
features a sampling of
stories of the significant
successes on the ground
and a candid picture of
the challenges that still

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The translation of
The New Rwanda into
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Interdependence copy

The handbook contains
speeches and essays on the
realities of interdependence
in the 21st century and
templates for celebrating
Interdependence Day in
schools, universities, civic
and cultural organizations
and religious institutions.

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The handbook, now
a classic, translated
into more than 20
languages is a gateway to
understanding democracy
and the role that citizens
play in making it work.
It contains texts by
distinguished authors and
discussion questions.
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Rwanda2 coverThis handbook contains
a brief history of Rwanda,
essays and excerpts from
texts by distinguished
authors and discussion
questions. It focuses on the
interconnection between
equitable development and
engaged citizenship.

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This volume contains
the voices of 28 leading
scholars and activists on
the relationship between
democracy and religion in
an age in which religion
has become increasingly
prominent in public life.
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A consolidated and updated
version of the Democracy
is a Discussion handbooks,
featuring a brand new
“Album of Civic Stories”
and a section on post 9/11
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Using the same format
as the ϐirst volume, the
sequel gives readers
insights into the obstacles
encountered on the
way to democracy and
strategies for addressing
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