Editor: Donald Trump promises to make America great again but even if you believe in the premise, the price of this makeover is too high.

It would entail losing our soul — our values, our diversity, indeed, our democracy. He’d like to increase our border guards threefold, do extreme vetting of immigrants, offer no amnesty, and his signature promise is to build a wall allegedly to be paid for by the country whose people we would lock out. The good news is that it’s undoable. The bad news is that a candidate for the presidency advocates it.

We have much more than a political choice to make. In a conventional political race, each party proposes different ways of improving our country — based on different economic, civic and political strategies; different approaches to achieving our goals of liberty and justice for all.

We are a country that depends on its people to shape its character and choose its future. Trump sees it another way. He would make all the decisions himself — he would tell us what we want and promise to get it for us.

Democrats, Republicans and independents must rise to the occasion and say no to a man who has delusional ideas and dictatorial ambitions. His family and staff are trying to shape him up — recast him as a normal person and a responsible leader. But they cannot contain him in that mold. We the people must not be duped. We need to walk away from our undoing.



Avoid our undoing